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Jackie's story: How legal aid changed her life

Feb 15, 2017

This story was written by LSS Board Chair Suzette Narbonne, who is also a practicing lawyer.

A client of mine has asked me to share her story — except for her name. I will call her Jackie. Jackie had been in an emotionally abusive relationship for 30 years. This is how legal aid helped her.

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Justice Innovation at Work

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A Family Duty Counsel Blog: A Client’s Journey from Overwhelmed to Confident

Oct 6, 2016

In this story, family lawyer Susan Loney describes how she helped a mother change an old court order despite fears that her former husband would make things difficult for her. Susan describes what she does as “just helping out regular folks” but the end result made a huge difference to her client’s life.

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Helping people to access justice — part of everyday life for our intake workers

Aug 17, 2016

Many of the people who need our help at the Legal Services Society have multiple barriers to accessing justice. Our frontline staff not only take applications for legal aid, they also provide referrals to services to help individuals with non-legal matters.

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A culture change in child protection

Apr 14, 2016

Quick action on the part of staff at the Parents Legal Centre at Vancouver’s Robson Square Courthouse can mean the difference between keeping a child at home with their family or the child being removed from the home.

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They ... treated me like a normal person

Mar 17, 2016

People using criminal duty counsel services at the Port Coquitlam Courthouse are happy with a pilot program where they get continuing service with the same lawyer and not a different one every time they go to court.

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Family LawLINE connects people to lawyers

Jan 19, 2016

"I can remember the audible sigh of relief from a client on the other end of the line once she realized she might be able to obtain spousal support and pay her rent," said Family LawLINE lawyer Amber Van Drielen.

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