Aboriginal people

A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights

A Guide to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement

  Aboriginal Child Protection Fact Sheets

Aboriginal Child Protection Process (flow chart)

Aboriginal Child Protection Wallet Card

Aboriginal People and the Law in BC

Are You Aboriginal? (Gladue, First Nations Court)

Are You Aboriginal? Do You Need Information About Your Legal Rights?

Benefits, Services, and Resources for Aboriginal Peoples

Clear Skies

Clear Skies poster

Clear Skies promotional toolkit

Coping with Separation Handbook

Emily's Choice

Emily's Choice poster

Emily's Choice promotional toolkit

Estate Administration On-Reserve

Estate Administration On-Reserve: Templates package

Find Out About Your Legal Rights at the Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC Website

Gladue Primer

  Live Safe — End Abuse Fact Sheets

Living Together or Living Apart

Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights

Separation Agreements

Social Assistance on Reserve in BC

Surviving Relationship Violence and Abuse

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

If you need to know more about Aboriginal legal rights in BC, Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC can help you. It has information on First Nations Court, plus Gladue, fishing/hunting/gathering, and your family's rights.

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