Canada Child Benefit Issues: eligibility, common problems, overpayments, and appeals (Oct. 29, 2020)

Provincial Training Conference 2020 | Provincial Advocacy Conference 2020
October 29, 2020

[1:50:37] Eligibility criteria for the Canada Child Benefit (CTB), the applicable review and appeal processes, and relevant caselaw. Presenters discuss CTB cases they have worked on at the review and appeal stages, and share documents, tips, and strategies for assisting clients with CTB eligibility issues. 

Session materials (PDF download) 


  • Allison Ward, Staff Lawyer, Community Advocate Support Line, Community Legal Assistance Society
  • Amy Taylor, Legal Advocate, Nelson Cares Society - The Advocacy Centre
  • Andrea Bryson, Case Manager, Rise Women's Legal Centre
  • Kim Donaldson, Poverty Law Advocate, Archway Community Services

Community Legal Assistance Society:
Nelson Cares Society - The Advocacy Centre:
Rise Women's Legal Centre:
Archway Community Services:

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