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Family law and mediation resources

Recorded on September 23, 2021

[1:34:04] There are a number of free and pro bono resources on family law and mediation, and this was a session to learn more about them. Where do they overlap and where do they diverge? Featuring speakers from Legal Aid BC, Access Pro Bono Society of BC, and Mediate BC.

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00:00 Introductions

01:50 Overview of resources from Legal Aid BC

02:38 Free publications - what is available and how to order

08:00 The 4 websites of Legal Aid BC

08:17 legalaid.bc.ca has training videos for community workers

09:16 aboriginal.legalaid.bc.ca can help with Aboriginal legal issues

10:42 familylaw.legalaid.bc.ca can help with family law issues

12:05 mylawbc.com can help resolve everyday legal issues

19:00 free tools to help create parenting and child support arrangements

31:15 Overview of family law services from Access Pro Bono

34:04 Eligibility

35:20 Summary advice program

40:22 Virtual family mediation program

55:40 Family roster program

1:04:04 What is family law mediation?

1:07:05 Why should someone consider family law mediation?

1:11:24 Mediation where there has been violence

1:12:53 What is a successful mediation?

1:16:30 Finding a mediator

1:19:10 Another resource: Pro Bono Collaborative Family Law Project

1:31:40 Are Indigenous family mediators available?



Adam Fraser, Publications Development Coordinator, Legal Aid BC

Andrea Glen, Mediator/Family Lawyer/Collaborative Practitioner, Andrea Glen Law

Erin Monahan, Manager of Virtual Projects, Access Pro Bono Society of BC

Heather Wojcik, Director of Legal Services, Access Pro Bono Society of BC

Nate Prosser, Project Analyst and Content Developer, Legal Aid BC


Access Pro Bono Society of BC: https://www.accessprobono.ca/

Andrea Glen Law: https://www.andreaglenlaw.ca/



Legal Aid BC: https://legalaid.bc.ca/  

Family Law in BC: https://family.legalaid.bc.ca/

MyLawBC: https://mylawbc.com/

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC: https://aboriginal.legalaid.bc.ca/



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LegalAidBC/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/legalaidbc

Youtube: https://youtube.com/legalaidbc/

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