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BC Housing and Tenancy Law Updates

[1:33:37] An overview of the law relating to residential tenancy issues and some of the common issues that have arisen throughout COVID-19. A review of recent changes to the law and some practice pointers for those assisting clients through the Residential Tenancy Branch dispute resolution process.
[1:18:59] Lawyers from TRAC, Atria Women's Resource Society, and CLAS discuss residential tenancy legislation and policy updates, and case law updates.
[24:32] Lawyer Zuzana Modrovic (TRAC) explains the legislative and policy guideline updates in BC's Residential Tenancy Act.
[25:24] Lawyer Amber Prince (Atira Women's Resource Society) discusses the systemic problems with information and privacy in tenancies.
[28:46] Lawyer Danielle Sabelli (CLAS) provides an update on case law (court cases are binding on the RTB). She covers renovictions, permits, good faith, and RTB hearings.
[21:30] Lawyer Danielle Sabelli (CLAS) explains updates in BC's Residential Tenancy Law. She covers cannabis, rent increases, notices to end tenancy, good faith, and more.