Billing for preparation time

When billing for hourly based tariff items, remember to attach your timekeeping records to your invoice.
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Timekeeping records, which must be typed, need to identify the client, contain an itemized list of legal services performed and be in chronological order to allow us to determine:

  1. What legal services were provided and on what date;
  2. The actual time spent on specific tasks; and
  3. Whether the amount billed complies with the tariff contract.

For hourly preparation items, you must provide hours spent per service month. For example, if you are billing for preparation time during September and October on one invoice, you would bill them as separate line items and show the hours for each month.

You can use your own digital timesheet, timekeeping software, or you may use our fillable Timekeeping Record. You can also find it in the Lawyer Portal under the Resources tab. Click on Forms and scroll down to find the document.