Legal aid contracts: What clients need to know

Communicating contract details with your clients ensures that everyone is on the same page about expectations.
People reviewing contract

The following information is the process LABC uses to inform clients about their legal aid representation contracts. We also offer many resources you can use when you talk to your clients about their contracts.

When people contact our Call Centre to apply for legal aid, they hear a recorded message explaining contract rules. If the caller qualifies for legal aid, they become a client. If they have an email address, we send them:        

We encourage you to review the following details with your clients:

  • What happens if there are changes in their finances or the case;
  • Sharing information with LABC;
  • Accessing records;
  • Settlements;
  • Court costs;
  • Change of lawyer;
  • Rules around private billing, and;
  • How to file complaints or concerns.

For more information, see the General Terms and Conditions of the LABC Tariffs. The tariff quick reference sheets for criminal, and family and child protection law are useful to review with your client.

You’ll also find two sample retainer agreements on the portal under LABC Resources by Area of Law — Family: the Family Services Limited Representation Retainer Agreement, and the Family Services Retainer Agreement.