Legal aid

To apply for legal aid in person or over the phone, see Do I qualify? and How to apply.

Child protection matters

You can get a lawyer to represent you for a child protection matter if:

Parents Legal Centre

The Parents Legal Centre (PLC) focuses on helping parents resolve their child protection matters early and collaboratively. It offers services at any stage of the child protection matter, from the first contact with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCF) or a delegated Aboriginal agency until it's apparent the matter can't be resolved through collaborative processes.

The first PLC opened in 2015 in Vancouver. There are now eight locations to serve communities across BC. To find a centre near you, see legal aid locations.

PLC provides:

  • information and advice on options for resolving child protection issues out of court,
  • legal advice and representation, where appropriate, through collaborative processes such as mediation and family case planning conferences,
  • legal advice and representation at uncontested hearings,
  • an advocate who will support you and go with you to meetings and appointments, and
  • referrals to other services, including online resources and other public agencies.

You may be eligible for these services if:

  • your income and assets fall within a qualifying range,
  • you are a parent, guardian, or a person standing in the place of a parent, and
  • the case can be resolved consensually.

If you already have a lawyer working with you on your child protection issue, a Parents Legal Centre cannot help you.

To find out if you're eligible for this service, visit your local office or call the LSS Call Centre.

Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

Find out more about Aboriginal legal rights in BC, including First Nations Court, Gladue rights, fishing/hunting/gathering, and your family's rights.

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Family Law in British Columbia

Get legal information on divorce and separation, parenting, support, family violence, child protection, and other issues important to families.

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