Legal advice

If you don't qualify for representation by a legal aid lawyer, you may still be eligible for our legal advice services, including duty counsel.

Our free services include:

Criminal law

  • Duty counsel (lawyers at Provincial courthouses who provide advice about criminal charges, court procedures, and legal rights)
  • Brydges Line (toll-free telephone service for people arrested, detained, and under investigation)
  • Advice counsel (lawyers who provide telephone advice to people in custody awaiting a bail hearing)

Family law and child protection

  • Duty counsel (lawyers at courthouses who provide advice to people representing themselves in court on family law and child protection matters, and guide them to fill out their forms)
  • Advice lawyers (lawyers at Family Justice Centres and Justice Access Centres who provide advice about parenting time, custody, access, support, and agreements to people going through a separation or divorce)
  • Family LawLINE (telephone service where family lawyers provide advice about parenting time, custody, access, support, agreements, and child protection matters)

Immigration law

  • Duty counsel (lawyers who provide advice for people in detention at the CBSA's enforcement centre)

To find out if you qualify for legal advice, see Do I qualify for legal advice?