Free help for separated couples negotiating parenting plans

The Legal Services Society has launched a free, online service to help separated couples negotiate parenting time, vacations and other important details of their children’s care.

The new Family Resolution Centre is a confidential, web-based negotiation tool that parents can use on their own, or they can request free assistance from a professional family law mediator.

“The Family Resolution Centre gives parents a way to agree on a plan that is in the best interests of their children and avoids the cost and conflict of court,” said Sherry MacLennan, LSS’s Vice President, Public Legal Information and Applications. “This free service is the first of its kind in Canada to help parents reach an agreement before issues escalate.”

The Family Resolution Centre is part of LSS’s MyLawBC service. MyLawBC is a unique, interactive website that helps people solve a variety of legal problems ranging from family breakdown to missed mortgage payments. It can also help you draft a will or negotiate a separation agreement.

With the Family Resolution Centre, couples can create a parenting plan themselves, or they can request up to five hours free assistance from a professional mediator qualified under the BC Family Law Act.

To access the Family Resolution Centre, go to MyLawBC ( and click on “Mediation Tool.”

The Family Resolution Centre was developed by LSS in cooperation with Tyler Technologies. It is funded by the Legal Services Society, the Law Foundation of BC, and the Notary Foundation of BC.

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