Gladue Report Program

On July 1, 2011, Legal Aid BC (LABC) began funding the writing of Gladue reports as a pilot project.

Since then, the number of reports we have funded has steadily grown, and the Gladue Report Program has become a core program of the Indigenous Services Division of LABC. We currently have funding to provide up to 300 Gladue reports per year.

Gladue reports are one way to effectively activate the remedial aspects of Gladue principles, by providing the court with comprehensive information about the individual before the court, their community, and a plan that looks at realistic and viable options (other than jail) for the judge to consider. These options are specific to the individual and are meant to address challenges that contributed to them being before the court, and may include traditional Indigenous ways of addressing the challenges. Gladue reports are separate and distinct from the Gladue component in a probation officer's pre-sentence report.

All LABC clients who identify as Indigenous can request a Gladue report through their lawyer. Lawyers can request a Gladue report by submitting a Request for Authorization of Disbursements to LABC's Case Management Section. Reports will be funded for resolution discussions, sentencing, bail, and appeals. Reports may be funded in other situations such as to support inmates and individuals facing British Columbia Review Board matters. Gladue report requests must meet set criteria and budget must be available.

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BC government logoCurrent funding for the Gladue Report Program is provided by the Government of British Columbia.

The Law Foundation of British ColumbiaFunding for the pilot project was provided by a grant from the Law Foundation of British Columbia.