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New legal aid services aim to keep families together

December 6, 2018
We've opened Parents Legal Centres in Prince George, Smithers, Duncan and Campbell River

New service for people with financial security issues

November 9, 2018
LSS will provide unbundled lawyer services for a trial period

CBABC's Agenda for Justice Report Supports Legal Aid

November 7, 2018
The report recommends an increase in legal aid funding for family law issues and for Indigenous services.

AG's incentive payment expected to increase local lawyers taking legal aid cases

October 31, 2018
LSS announces $500 for each family and child protection contract lawyers take in some areas of BC.

Legal aid services are not equivalent to pro bono services

October 24, 2018
LSS responds to a proposal to make it mandatory for lawyers to provide some legal aid services for free.

Legal aid now available to help children stay out of foster care

October 16, 2018
Sometimes a grandparent or other relative is willing to care for a child who is at risk of going into foster care.

Attorney General announces review of legal aid service delivery

October 4, 2018
The review will examine effectiveness of current and potentially new models of service delivery

LSS raises financial eligibility for people who need child protection services

September 27, 2018
Higher income cut-off will increase accessibility of legal aid for child protection cases

New funding, new services

September 4, 2018
LSS has accomplished a lot so far with additional funding from the provincial government. Find out where the money is going.

LSS announces new Parents Legal Centre locations

June 4, 2018
Parents Legal Centres for child protection matters will open in 7 new locations.

Higher lawyer fees required to meet client needs

May 8, 2018
LSS releases briefing paper on inadequacy of lawyer compensation for legal aid work.

Provincial budget delivers welcome news

February 22, 2018
There was good news for the Legal Services Society in the recent provincial government budget speech: the largest funding increase since 2002.